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Where are college football fans in Indiana?

Where are college football fans in Indiana?
Posted at 12:37 PM, Oct 02, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-02 12:37:14-04

With a big weekend of upcoming college football games, the New York Times re-released its college football fan map.

The map uses Facebook data and zip codes from 2014 to determine where the most popular college football teams are.

In Indiana, the most popular college football teams are Notre Dame, Purdue and Indiana.

Notre Dame fans, unsurprisingly, have the largest concentration in northern Indiana, near South Bend. Notre Dame fans have almost 70 percent of the popularity near South Bend.

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Its influence also stretches east and west from Gary, Indiana to Fort Wayne, Indiana.

For Purdue fans, the largest concentration is in Lafayette, but it also stretches east to about Kokomo and south to the Crawfordsville area. Purdue also jumps across Indianapolis and is the most popular team southeast of the city – in the Rushville/Shelbyville area.

IU fans are more concentrated in Bloomington and aren’t seen much farther than that.

Notre Dame is also the most popular in Muncie, Indianapolis and Terre Haute. In Muncie, home of Ball State, the Cardinals are second in the area in popularity.

Ohio State fandom has also penetrated Indiana. Ohio State has about 20 percent popularity along the eastern edge of the state.