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Starbucks is selling eco-friendly tumblers that change colors

Starbucks is selling eco-friendly tumblers that change colors
Posted at 7:13 AM, May 06, 2019

Starbucks has been taken to task for the amount of waste its cups create. With 30,184 Starbucks locations in 76 countries, it is no wonder that the coffee giant and its customers are responsible for such landfill waste.

In the past, Starbucks has pledged to reduce its waste and commit to reusable cups. While the company is still far from accomplishing this goal (according to Fast Company, only 1.4% of Starbucks’ drinks are served in reusable containers), they are publicly committed to going greener.

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Along with ditching plastic straws entirely by the year 2020, Starbucks is now offering eco-friendly reusable tumblers to their customers. And they change color!

Instagram user @disney.charming.thefadedpeony (who runs Etsy store The Faded Peony) shared an example of these pretty new tumblers. Aren’t they so chic?

The new tumblers come in five different shades: Apricot, Arctic, Citron, Sky and Rose.

Here’s what they look like packaged, courtesy of a photo shared by Instagram user @dessinicholedesigns:

When the cups filled with the cold Starbucks drink of your choice, they will slowly begin to change hues. Soft Apricot turns to a darker shade of orange, and ice-blue Arctic turns to sweet pink. Meanwhile, the yellow Citron becomes green, the light blue Sky grows dark blue and pink Rose becomes a deep coral red.

Here’s another view of the cups from Instagram user @thesecretlifeofdom:

Each tumbler comes with a lid and straw. You can choose the corresponding colors for your tumbler or mix and match to make your to-go cup unique.

Check out this cool color combo that Instagram user @ashgetsorganized captured in her kitchen:

Each tumbler holds 24 ounces and costs $16.95.

Starbucks customers are simply loving these new cup designs. In fact, they’re already selling out at Starbucks locations across the country.

People like @chloekling22 and @dela_geraldine on Twitter are having trouble finding them:

One Twitter user, @wcoaidan, even suggested that none of the Starbucks in his entire city have the cups in stock:

Clearly, demand is at an all-time high. So of course, people are now selling packs of these cups on eBay and other online locations. Generally, it looks like you can get one from a reseller for about $20-$30, although some social media users also report seeing even higher prices!

This set from Mercari sold for $60, but we found the same product on eBay for $150.


You may want to call a few of your local Starbucks locations to see if they have these in stock before you leave the house. If you’re in luck, you may also want to buy two or three because these bad boys are flying off the shelves.

As of now, it’s unclear when or if they will be restocked.

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Hey, at least it will cut back on plastic waste and lighten our load on the landfills!

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