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Spring severe weather is showing up more often

Posted at 1:26 PM, Mar 03, 2016

March is a month of weather transitions when the last big snowstorms of winter give way to the first thunderstorms of spring.

And some of those storms become severe, producing strong winds, large hail and even tornadoes.

That's why the National Weather Service has named March "Severe Weather Preparedness Month."

Getting prepared now can save a lot of heartache – and even your life – when severe weather strikes.

Downloading apps like Storm Shield can notify you when severe weather is about to hit your exact location, giving you those extra seconds or minutes you may need to get to safety.

Experts recommend having a disaster plan in place ahead of time. And for after the storm, make sure you have a severe weather kit that includes things like extra food and water, battery flashlight and extra batteries and anything else you may need in the event the power would be out for days at a time.

By preparing now, surviving a disaster later will be that much easier.

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