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Target Has A Whole Line Of Halloween-inspired Succulents For Just $4 Each

Target Has A Whole Line Of Halloween-inspired Succulents For Just $4 Each
Posted at 10:40 AM, Aug 13, 2019

Several years ago, you couldn’t browse a home decor blog without tripping over a succulent. The buzz over these tiny, adorable plants was so deafening that even I couldn’t resist their allure. After all, not only were they cute, but they were purportedly quite easy to keep alive.

Being susceptible to peer pressure, I ordered a couple of eensy planters on Etsy and picked up a couple of succulents from Home Depot. They proceeded to die within the next few weeks. The tiny planters remain as a reminder of my failure.

But Target has come up with a solution to my black thumb, and it is one that plays into my love of holiday decor. As part of their forthcoming Hyde And EEK! Boutique, Target is debuting a line of Halloween-inspired faux succulents that are totally me-proof.

target photo
Getty Images | Scott Olson

Even better? They’re all priced at just $4 or less. And while they won’t be available for purchase until Sept. 8 (I’m marking my calendar now), you can still catch a glimpse of what’s to come:

Creepy Succulent In Orange Pumpkin

This small felt succulent features a faux Venus flytrap made out of polyresin that gives out some major “Little Shop of Horrors” vibes. A single vine is extended in order to dangle a bone over the flytrap’s open mouth (though it’s clear that the bone has already been picked clean). The morbid musical theater geek in me can’t help but squee. It will be available for $4.


Creepy Succulent In White Pumpkin

This next carnivorous plant looks different from the Venus flytrap shown above, but it still sports felt foliage and a razor-sharp mouthful of teeth. It will also be available for $4.


Creepy Succulent in Black Pumpkin

This last one is my favorite because, in my opinion, it’s the most horrifying. One of the things that squicks me out the most in scary movies is any body horror involving eyeballs. This particular succulent plays off that particular brand of creepiness with a faux flower that’s opened wide only to reveal a staring, brightly-veined eyeball. Love.

It will be available for — you guessed it — $4.


You could definitely create a terrifyingly cool garden with these fake succulents and other faux plants and decorations in Target’s collection.


For example, there is actually a motion-activated pumpkin with three creepy, toothy singing and dancing Venus flytrap vines for $35.


You can also liven up your decor with a sitting pumpkin character, like the one below, which boasts arms and legs:


Which spooky succulent is your fave?

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