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Target Is Already Sold Out Of Golden Girls Halloween Costumes

Target Is Already Sold Out Of Golden Girls Halloween Costumes
Posted at 10:00 AM, Oct 07, 2019

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Clutch your pearls: Target and other online retailers sold out of their “The Golden Girls” Halloween costumes quicker than you could say “cheesecake!”

Cross your fingers that there’s a Halloween miracle and the costumes emulating television’s fab foursome — Sophia, Blanche, Dorothy and Rose — are re-stocked. Amazon and Walmart had Dorothy’s costume, but they’re out as well.

We even checked the website of Toynk, the costume maker, and the costumes were sold out there, too, proving that these Miami retirees have still got it going on despite the fact that the last episode of NBC’s popular 1985-1992 TV sitcom aired more than a quarter of a century ago.



But, fret not. We’ve got ways you can DIY your own Golden Girl getup, and do so on a budget.

Selling for about $70 each, the costumes in Toynk’s Golden Girls collection captures the spirit of the sitcom retirees. Southern belle Blanche Devereaux’s costume, for example, includes a red jumpsuit with a frond-patterned blazer and sweet, gullible Rose Nylund’s costume came with a blue floral printed dress. Wigs were sold separately.


Here’s the thing, though: Thrift stores are gold mines for costume jewelry and ’80s and ’90s-era fashion (hello, pastels and shoulder pads!), so we’re willing to bet you could find just about everything you need for a Golden Girl-esque costume for you and your friends group there.

Here are some formulas for building your own Golden Girl costumes:

  • Sophia Petrillo: If you’re going to dress up as the matriarch played by Estelle Getty, be sure you’re ready to sell the character and you’ve got some quippy one-liners ready. (“May you put your dentures in upside down and chew your head off!” or “Wake up and smell the coffee, you fossil!) To nail this costume, you’ll want an A-line floral dress and wicker purse, along with large round glasses. Don’t forget a pair of pantyhose! Costume essential: A brooch to pin on the collar of your dress.
  • Rose Nylund: Swipe on some coral lipstick and get ready to bring the St. Olaf charm. Betty White’s innocent character loved layering collared blouses with kitschy sweater vests or cardigans. Costume essential: A matching set of faux pearl earrings and a pearl necklace. If you can’t find this at a thrift shop, you should be able to find some at a fast-fashion chain store.
  • Blanche Devereaux: Get a matching blazer and skirt suit (bonus points if it’s silky or sequined). Rue McClanahan’s Blanche loved a monochrome outfit with a little shimmer. Don’t forget the Southern accent. Costume essential: Gaudy gold costume jewelry.
  • Dorothy Zbornak: Keep in mind, Bea Arthur’s character was usually wearing oversized clothes and preferred pants to dresses. Go with some wide-leg pants and a loose-fitting cowl-neck sweater. She also wore lots of clip-on earrings. Costume essential: A long scarf to drape around your neck.

You will also need the perfect wig for each character. Now, just gather up your friends (and confidants!) and go in on the group costume.

Can’t get enough of “The Golden Girls?” They are certainly enjoying a second wave of fandom, with a themed cruise and even Chia Pets modeled after these sassy seniors. We’re glad to see it, and we hope to see plenty of Golden Girl costumes this Halloween!

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