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These new marshmallows change colors when exposed to heat

These new marshmallows change colors when exposed to heat
Posted at 9:30 AM, May 03, 2023

Summer s’mores are about to get a lot more colorful!

Jet-Puffed has just announced a brand-new, first-of-its-kind marshmallow that changes color when exposed to heat. New Jet-Puffed Color Changing Marshmallows have what the brand calls a “secret color-changing ingredient” that is used alongside their “jet-puffing technology” to make the marshmallows.

A representative from Kraft Heinz, Jet-Puffed’s parent company, tells Simplemost the marshmallows begin to change color about 10 seconds after exposure to heat, so whether you like your marshmallow slightly roasted or burned, you’ll be able to see a color change quickly.

Kraft Heinz

The marshmallows come in blue, which turns green, and pink, which turns orange. Both colors come in each 12-ounce package for around $2.99 (about $1 more than a regular pack of Jet-Puffed marshmallows) at grocery stores nationwide now through September.

While the marshmallows can be eaten right from the package and do not need to be cooked, they won’t change color unless they’re warm, so you might want to stick to using them for things like s’mores, baking or topping hot chocolate.

Kraft Heinz

While they’re Jet-Puffed’s first color-changing marshmallows, they’re far from the brand’s first non-traditional marshmallow. You can also get colored marshmallows that stay the same color and are fruit-flavored, plus seasonal marshmallows shaped like pumpkins and strawberry hearts.

Other interesting marshmallow treats include a handful of flavors from Stuffed Puffs, like cookies ‘n creme, which look just like normal marshmallows, but are filled with what the brand says is “smooth white creme and chocolate cookie crunch.”

Other Stuffed Puffs flavors include milk chocolate and caramel as well as peppermint bark during the holidays, which all sound perfect for a cup of hot cocoa!

Stuffed Puffs

You’ll also find some other colorful foods on store shelves right now, including new Kellogg’s Rainbow Krispies, Sam’s Club Member’s Mark birthday cake drizzled kettlecorn that is covered in sprinkles and ICEE cereal, which is bright blue and red and has a “secret ingredient” that makes it “cooling” in your mouth.

Will you try Jet-Puffed’s new Color Changers Marshmallows this summer?

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