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This Woodworker Creates The Most Stunning Wooden Bathtubs

This Woodworker Creates The Most Stunning Wooden Bathtubs
Posted at 7:05 PM, Aug 01, 2019

We never thought we’d consider spending $30,000 on a bathtub until we saw NK Woodworking & Design’s magical pieces of art.

The award-winning tubs designed and made by the company in Seattle have made headlines in many home design and living magazines because, well, they are absolutely breathtaking.

Nathie Katzoff, 30, is the sculptor of the luxury bathtubs that are made from sustainable and exotic hardwoods. Here’s his company’s Instagram account, showing off one of his creations:

The tubs are durable and last a long time, the company says. They are serious works of functional art and they are made in many shapes, like this one that looks like a bowl:

We wouldn’t mind bathing like birds in that beauty!

“Our clients tell us that when people walk into their homes and see our work, the reaction is ‘Wow!”, Katzoff’s website reads. “That is our goal — to stop people in their tracks, to create architectural Art Masterpieces where the beauty and shape of the work lifts our spirits and inspires a sense of awe.

What’s interesting about his company is the bathtubs aren’t even the most popular item it sells. The wooden staircases are the favorite, having earned numerous awards.

They are unbelievable. Check out these stairs, shown on NK Woodworking’s Instagram:

“In 2014 we swept 4 out of 5 Best Staircase awards from the Stairway Manufacturers’ Association, the organization of the leading stair builders in North America,” the website says.

It’s no wonder that this company’s products are winning awards. Katzoff’s company employs a staff of 25, which makes everything by hand and don’t rely on machinery.

Some of the staircases are so ornate and take so long to make (as many as 11,000 hours!), they cost upwards of seven figures, Seattle Magazine says. This makes the bathtubs pretty reasonably priced, right?

NK Woodworking spends three to four months on each custom tub it creates, Katzoff told the magazine. You certainly get what you pay for!

He also said the company is debuting a line of ready-made wood furniture, including tables, chairs and more.

Katzoff said one thing the company will never do is share photos that take place during a product’s build.

“At the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Orlando, literally everyone at the show said the best thing was the bathtubs,” he told The Seattle Times. “Lots of people were trying to dissect our process, and we got paranoid.”

We don’t blame him for wanting to keep his plans close to the vest! His works are so special and unique, we’d hate to see them mass-produced.

Who’s ready for a dip in one of these wondrous wood bathtubs? We certainly are!

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