Todd Klaassen

Todd Klaassen



Todd Klaassen has been forecasting weather for over 20 years, 15 of those years right here in central Indiana. After graduating Magna Cum Laude from Kean University with a degree in Meteorology Todd worked at CBS News and WCBS in New York City as a meteorologist and weather producer. From there it was off to Lansing to Michigan to begin his on-air career.  Todd joined WRTV in 2009 as a weekend meteorologist before moving to the morning and noon show.  From tornadoes to snowstorms to hurricanes to floods and droughts, Todd has covered it all.

In 2012, Todd was awarded the distinguished CBM (certified broadcast meteorologist) seal from the American Meteorological Society. This is the highest designation a broadcast meteorologist can achieve.  To do so you must have a meteorology degree with high level weather classes, pass a tough written test and have your on-air work reviewed by the American Meteorological Society. There are under 600 active meteorologists who hold this distinction. This qualification differentiates actual meteorologists from on-air personalities.

In Todd’s spare time, he likes to be on the move outdoors. Whether it is on a golf course, a river with his kayak (fishing at the same time), hiking at a park or biking, Todd loves to be active and outside.   In fact, he puts over 1,000 miles on his bike a year.  When he can't bike, Todd walks and is an avid IndyGo rider.  He drives as little as possible.  It is healthier and better for the environment.

Todd is well traveled too!  He loves new cultures and new experiences while admiring the beauty of the world in both people and landscapes.  After his dad passed away at 65 and didn't get to enjoy retirement, Todd became determined to travel as much and as often as he can.  Since his father’s passing, Todd has traveled to over 25 countries and all continents with exception to Antarctica.  When not traveling internationally, Todd enjoys all the Indiana State Parks and tries to get to at least one National Park a year as well.

While weather is Todd’s job, he feels the work he does out and about in the community is just as important as the work he does inside the studio walls at WRTV.   So, if you see him, make sure you say, “Hi!”

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