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Totino’s Now Makes Snack Mixes With Pizza Rolls, Tater Tots And Cheddar Bites

Totino’s Now Makes Snack Mixes With Pizza Rolls, Tater Tots And Cheddar Bites
Posted at 3:00 AM, Aug 20, 2019

Every once in a while, it’s totally fine to indulge in some guilty pleasure snack food. When the munchies strike, though, it can be tough to choose how to satisfy the urge. Now, thanks to Totino’s (famous for the pizza roll), you won’t have to choose between some of your favorite finger foods.

The new Totino’s Mini Snack Mix packs take every teenager’s (and, admit it, some adults’) favorite snack to the next level. There are two combination packages, and of course, pizza rolls are included in both the Original and American Favorites.


In the Totino’s Mini Snack Mix Original package, you get a quartet of classic favorites, including pepperoni pizza roll snacks, cheesy marinara bites, garlic bread bites and mozzarella sticks.

There’s a lot of Italian flavor for the traditional pizza roll lover packed into one bag!

Sam's Club

Meanwhile, the Totino’s Mini Snack Mix American Favorites package dishes up some beloved American flavors. You get cheeseburger pizza rolls, ham and cheese bites, potato bites and cheddar bites. So, if you love cheesy snacks, this could be your perfect snack pick.


Instagrammer Eric Koenreich, @familyfooddude, shared his excitement about the new Totino’s offerings, praising the inventor of these snack combinations.

Each bag has 90 snack pieces, which could either last for a couple of weeks of after school snacks for the kids or be the perfect starter for the upcoming Sunday football game day parties.

Or you can try to hide them in the back of the freezer, so you can enjoy them on your own. Don’t worry, we won’t tell.


According to Food & Wine, Totino’s Mini Snack Mix will be available in grocery stores across the country early this fall. Their suggested retail price will be $8.79.

However, if you’re a Sam’s Club member, it looks like you can get them right now. Check your store to see if they’re available for in-club pick-up!

sams club photo
Getty Images | Scott Olson

Additionally, Instagrammer @familyfooddude found them at his local Kroger.

Another Instagrammer, @thejunkgoat, also posted photos of the new item on Instagram, revealing that it was “spotted at Schnucks” (a supermarket chain in the Midwest).

According to @thejunkgoat, Schnucks also had the second variety available for purchase:

If you don’t live near any of these grocery store options, we also found them available on Instacart through Cub Foods.

Sounds like it’s time to fire up the oven!


Will you be buying either of the new Totino’s mini snack mixes?

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