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AAA: Indiana gas prices rise with national gas averages; may continue to rise

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Posted at 7:39 PM, Mar 06, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS — On Monday, AAA released a report that the national gas price average increased by close to 20 cents since January.

"Today’s national average is $2.42, which is three-cents more expensive than last week, 17-cents more expensive than a month ago, but 10-cents cheaper than a year ago."

On Tuesday, RTV6 noticed the spike in prices - by nearly 40 cents - across central Indiana. The jump, according to AAA, may continue to increase due to several refineries undergoing maintenance and, as well, an increase in oil prices.

As of Wednesday, Indiana motorists are paying an average price of $2.439 for regular unleaded gas, that's .001 higher than the national average, $2.438.

The highest central Indiana gas prices by county, as of Wednesday evening, was Hamilton County ($2.537), Monroe County ($2.535) and Shelby County ($2.523).

AAA said this is the highest jump in the January-February time frame since 2015.

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