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Traffic Detoured: Roundabout construction underway in Franklin Township

Posted at 10:10 PM, May 28, 2019

FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP — Construction is officially underway on one of four Franklin Township intersections that are being turned into roundabouts.

The first roundabout project to break ground is at Franklin Road and Edgewood Avenue. Drivers going east of westbound on Edgewood Ave. should detour north on Hickory Road or Emerson Avenue to use Thompson Road.

Those driving north and southbound should detour east onto Thompson Road or Southport Road to use Hickory Road.

This project should wrap up at the end of August. Drivers RTV6 talked to don't seem to mind.

"I went to a meeting on it, and they do say that a roundabout is safer, sometimes it gets complicated for people to go through it though," Harry and Ruth Powell, Franklin Township residents for 40 years, said.

"I like them if they're far apart, but I don't like them when you have two roundabouts in a row, like a figure eight," the long-time residents of Franklin Township said. "That's where it makes it complicated."

The intersection of Arlington and Edgewood Avenues will close on Monday for the second roundabout project.