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This Nifty Tumbler Add-on Lets You Store Alcohol In The Lid For A Second Drink

This Nifty Tumbler Add-on Lets You Store Alcohol In The Lid For A Second Drink
Posted at 2:00 PM, Jul 24, 2019

Cocktails just got a whole lot more convenient. Whether you’re taking the family to the beach, floating in the pool, or just getting some quality R&R in the backyard, this addition to your tumbler is going to make enjoying an adult beverage while you kick your feet up easier than ever before.

The FlasKap 5.0 is a lid that discreetly stores and dispenses your favorite alcohol. The lid can be added to most tumblers, and using it is as simple as filling your tumbler with a mixer, filling the lid with tequila, vodka or your go-to liquor, and screwing the lid on tight. Then, when you’ve reached your destination and you’re ready to enjoy your beverage, simply press the button in the center of the FlasKap to dispense 1/2 ounce of the liquor in the lid. Dispense to taste and drink away!

This video from the FlasKap Facebook page demonstrates how easy it is to basically become your own bartender, without having to move an inch:

The FlasKap 5.0 retails for $24.99 and comes with color options that are designed to match Yeti Rambler tumblers, but according to the product description, the lid is compatible with most 10-ounce to 22-ounce stainless-steel tumblers from 40 popular brands. To find out if the lid will fit a tumbler you already own, you can see the full list of compatible options.


This thing will save you getting up from your seat to mix a drink or even reaching into the cooler to grab a cold one, so it’s well worth the nearly $25 price. But when you shop in bulk and order two or more lids at once, you’ll save 10% on your order. So, be sure to get one for those 21 years or older in your family, or get your friends in on the FlasKap buying action to save yourself some money.

The reviews customers have written about this product will convince you to splurge on what will quickly become a summertime essential for you.

One review pointed out how this product can vastly include summer vacations. “The addition of the FlasKap has drastically improved my vacation drinking experience. It further cut down visits to the bar and increased my poolside time,” one happy customer wrote.

An image from the brand’s Instagram illustrates the reviewer’s point perfectly, showcasing how you could be living life by the pool this summer season:

Another pointed out how great this can be as a gift. “These are an absolute must for vacations. Easy gift, too — everyone has a tumbler. I was surprised by the quality — high-grade plastic and silicone, built to last,” the review read.

The rave reviews go on and on. Customers have given this product an overall 4.9 out of 5 rating by more than 650 people.

So, what do you say? Will you start sippin’ your way through summer with FlasKap?


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