Two Months Later: Where is baby Amiah?

Posted at 12:56 PM, May 09, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS — It's been two months since Amiah's mother said she last saw her 8-month-old little girl and her whereabouts remain a mystery.

Amber Robertson reported her daughter missing on March 16. Investigators later learned that the infant was last seen alive on March 9, when her mother's boyfriend, Robert Lyons, says he took Amiah to the babysitter.

That babysitter's home on Holmes Avenue has been the location of multiple searches, the last one being an extensive forensics search on April 30. Investigators on scene collected several bags of evidence and dug up parts of the yard, but say nothing they have found has been useful at this time.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department detectives say they have no new information to release since the April 30 search of a home on Holmes Avenue.

Investigators are still asking for anyone who saw Robert Lyons, the boyfriend of Robertson's mother, and or Amiah Robertson on March 9, or any day after, in the area of Rockville Road and South Mickley Avenue to contact investigators. Lyons is believed to have traveled in a 1996 maroon Isuzu Rodeo in poor condition.

IMPD have said Robertson's mother is not a suspect and has been cooperating with detectives.


Below is a timeline of events since that day based on information released by investigators.

Saturday, March 9
This was the last day that Amiah's mother or anyone else police have spoken to remembers seeing Amiah Robertson alive. The child's mother told detectives that her boyfriend Robert Lyons had taken the infant "to the babysitter." These details were not actually released until a March 23 press conference with police. Lyons is believed to have been driving a 1996 maroon Isuzu Rodeo in "poor condition." Detectives believe Lyons was in the area of Rockville Road and South Mickley Avenue for an "extended period of time"during the day. Detectives say Lyons returned around 10 p.m. to Amiah's mother but did not have the infant.

Thursday, March 14
During the initial report to police, this was the day Amiah's mother told police she had last seen her infant. It is unclear what went on this day but it was later determined that her mother had not seen her for nearly a week before this time.

Saturday, March 16
Police were called to a home in the 200 block of S. Holmes Avenue to take a missing person report for 8-month-old Amiah. Police say at the time the report was taken, family members told them they did not believe the baby was in danger. Also that day, IMPD arrested a 20-year-old man from that same residence on a domestic, according to public police records. That man was preliminary charged of leaving the scene of an accident and criminal recklessness, according to those public records.

Tuesday, March 19
During the course of their investigation, IMPD says conflicting statements from family members and additional information detectives learned raised their concerns for the welfare of the child. A formal release and missing person plea was issued around 2 a.m. by IMPD asking for the public's help to find her. Police also requested a Silver Alert be issued. A Silver Alert was activated by Indiana State Police for Amiah around 11 a.m. Later that day, detectives obtained a search warrant for the home in the 200 block of S. Holmes Avenue, where Amiah was first reported missing, so they could interview possible witnesses and collect any potential evidence that might help them locate the baby. Forensics were collected from the scene as a precautionary measure and to help with the search for Amiah, according to police.

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Wednesday, March 20
IMPD announced that they were working with the FBI in their search for Amiah. Detectives also tell Call 6 Investigates that they have reviewed clips of surveillance video that could aide detectives in the right direction. It is still unclear what those clips contain or if they are of any relevance to Amiah's disappearance. As the investigation unfolded, detectives received a tip that items were seen along the bank of the White River that may be connected to Amiah. The location was less than a mile from the home where detectives were searching on Tuesday and where Amiah was last seen. Detectives responded and with the help of the Indianapolis Fire Department dive team searched the area. IMPD says their search was "inconclusive" at the time, but it was later determined that those items did, in fact, belong to Amiah.

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Thursday, March 21
The Silver Alert for Amiah Robertson was officially canceled at midnight, Thursday, March 21. Police say they canceled the Silver Alert because they were receiving "very few tips" on the hotline. The search along the White River was expanded downstream but no new evidence was located.

Friday, March 22
A group of community members went out to search the area around the White River for Amiah. They were "unsolicited," according to IMPD Chief Bryan Roach, but he thanked them for their help.

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Saturday, March 23
IMPD held a press conference to release new details about Amiah's disappearance. During the course of that interview, police revealed that Amiah's disappearance had been upgraded to a homicide investigation. Detectives also told investigators that they had been speaking to Lyons and he had told them several locations where the infant "should have been" but after checking each location they were unable to find the infant. Detectives also say some of the locations where Lyons sent them never existed. Detectives also revealed during this press conference that Lyons had been "taunting" Amiah's mother about where her daughter could be. During that press conference, police also issued a plea to the public for anyone who who may have seen Lyons or Amiah on March 9 or any day after to contact them.

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Sunday, March 24
Firefighters were called to a pond near the Mariner's Village Apartments around 7:15 p.m. in reference to a tip about Amiah's disappearance. Crews were able to complete a brief search before it become too dark to operate safely.

Monday, March 25
Indianapolis police detectives and firefighters from multiple departments returned to the pond near the Mariner's Village Apartments around 9:30 a.m. Fire department boats used side-scanning sonar technology that creates a picture or an image of what is at the bottom of the pond to search the water.

Monday, April 29
Investigators begin a search at the home of Amiah Robertson's supposed babysitter on Holmes Avenue, the last place the infant was believed to be seen. IMPD Deputy Chief Chris Bailey said investigators received a tip that there may be something in the backyard of the home. Crews took out bags of possible evidence.

Tuesday, April 30
For a second day, crews returned to the home on Holmes Avenue, this time with cadaver dogs and a team from the University of Indianapolis. After digging up portions of the yard and collecting possible evidence, Bailey told the media they were unable to locate anything that would help with their investigation. Following that search, Amiah's mother, Amber, spoke to the media and issued a plea for her daughter's return. "I feel my daughter is still out there," Amber said ."If you have my daughter, please bring her home."Anyone with information about Amiah's disappearance should contact IMPD Missing Persons at 317-327-6160 or 317-327-3811 or Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana at 317-262-8477.

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