Warm up your holiday gatherings with hot chocolate pudding shots

Warm up your holiday gatherings with hot chocolate pudding shots
Posted at 12:30 PM, Dec 16, 2023
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Looking for a fun new treat to serve at your holiday party? Look no further than Hot Chocolate Pudding Shots, which combine the coziness of hot chocolate with two types of liqueur to really warm up your get-together.

The recipe comes from the website Sweet Recipeas, which says you’ll need whole milk, hot chocolate mix, instant chocolate pudding, marshmallow-flavored syrup and whipped cream. You’ll also need vodka and chocolate liqueur, plus mini marshmallows for garnish.

Sweet Recipeas used Cocoa Cream Liqueur from Trader Joe’s for the shots, but any chocolate liqueur — like Godiva or Creme de Cacao — will work. The website also says to make sure you use Cool Whip or whipped cream, not Reddi Whip, as the pudding will not hold up if you use “the kind out of a can.”

Once you have the ingredients together, you’ll cook the milk and hot chocolate mix on the stove, then let it cool down. After it cools, you’ll add the hot chocolate you just made to the pudding mix. Add the marshmallow syrup, vodka and chocolate liqueur and whisk until thick.

Fold in the whipped cream. Cool your creation in the fridge and then place it in shot glasses. Yum! Here’s what the final product looks like, as Sweet Recipeas posted to Facebook:

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In the mood for more than a shot? Check out this recipe for a frozen hot chocolate martini, which calls for just four ingredients: Baileys Irish Cream liqueur, vodka, hot chocolate mix and ice.

The entire martini is made in the blender, so simply mix the ingredients, then pour it into a martini glass and top it with whipped cream and chocolate shavings or chocolate sprinkles.

chocolate martini

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You can also try this spiked white hot chocolate with cabernet caramel sauce, which comes together in just five minutes. The recipe is from Woodbridge Robert Mondavi Winery.

The drink is made with milk, vanilla, white chocolate chips and rum, while the cabernet caramel sauce is made with cabernet sauvignon, sugar and water. Like any good cup of hot cocoa, you’ll also want to top it with whipped cream.

white hot chocolate
Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi

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Happy Holidays!

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