Despite the warmth, you might want to hold off on spring planting

Posted at 6:49 PM, Apr 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-08 22:19:44-04

With our recent stretch of 70 degree warmth, we're all spending more time outdoors. Even the trees are getting in on the action - budding out and spreading their pollen. But you might want to pump the breaks on planting lots of spring flowers.

April can get quite cold in Central Indiana. Just a few years ago - in 2018 - we picked up about two and a half inches of snow in April. Most of that fell on April Fools' Day. The temperatures weren't fooling around either. April 2018 makes the top 10 list for coldest Aprils in Central Indiana.

Despite the mood swings Mother Nature can provide us this time of year, Kari Arney with Sullivan Hardware says you do have some planting options. "If you want to do a planter of herbs or pansies, because that way it's smaller, you're not spending lots and lots of money, and it's something you could move around. So, if we do get cold temperatures you can protect it and then bring it back out."

Typically, we see our last freeze occur in mid to late April, but we have had freezing conditions as late as May 27! If we do get in on another freeze this year, Arney says not all is lost. “Foliage can take 32 and below. If we have temperatures that are still freezing, what happens is the freezing cold will kind of zap their color, so you can still cover those, but they will bounce back just fine."


While temperatures are expected to cool down next week, it's too soon to tell if we're out of the frosty woods just yet. When it comes to your vegetable garden, Rosie Lerner with Purdue University says you can plant your tomatoes, peppers and vine crops once the frost threat has ended. For us Hoosiers, that's typically in early to mid May.