It's the peak of tornado season in Central Indiana

Carroll County tornado
Posted at 2:37 PM, Jun 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-16 13:10:30-04

Each year, we prepare for severe weather season in Central Indiana. This year, many communities have already had to put their plans for threatening weather into action. Indiana has been involved in at least seven rounds of severe weather since early March. Many of those episodes resulted in tornado reports.

Some digging through storm reports from the National Weather Service shows that 14 tornadoes have already touched down in the Hoosier State in 2022. In a typical year, Indiana averages 22 tornadoes. Given that we're only about half way through the year, it may seem like we're running ahead of schedule. That isn't necessarily the case. The graph below breaks down Indiana tornadoes by month. Our average number of tornadoes peaks in June with a quick drop in July.


In 2021, 21 tornadoes hit the state. About two thirds of those touched down in the month of June. While no two years are the same, history is in our favor that the number of additional tornadoes we experience will begin to taper off as we go deeper into summer and eventually the fall.

The potential for tornadoes is a part of living in Central Indiana. That's why we go through severe weather preparedness each spring. A big part of staying safe is being prepared and alert. Also keep in mind that about 70% of the tornadoes that do touch down in Indiana are considered weak. Yes, they can still do damage to property, but often that damage is limited to items that can be repaired relatively easily.


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