May might be lacking when it comes to spring warmth

Posted at 5:58 PM, Apr 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-30 18:16:53-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Spring is well underway, and things usually start to really heat up in the month of May.

Before looking at what the new month has in-store, a quick look back at the bumpy temperature ride we went through in April.

Of the 30 days in the month, more than half featured highs below average.

While we didn’t set any records, we had some very cold mornings…the coldest of which was 24 degrees on April 16. Our warmest days actually came early in the month with highs pushing 80 degrees on a couple of occasions.

That actually ties in nicely with our May outlook from the Climate Prediction Center. Yes, we are expecting below average temperatures to win the month, but we’re at least expecting things to start off warm.

We have a couple of 70s coming our way for the first full week of May. It doesn’t appear to last though.

You may need those jackets again into the middle of the month with a trend back below average.

The good news is the average high continues to climb – reaching 70 by May 5.

April came in about 2" shy in the rain department. May might not fare much better.

The outlook calls for below average precipitation in a month that typically brings more than 5 inches of rain. So, you may want to have those lawn sprinklers on standby.