More messy weather is possible this weekend

Posted at 6:25 PM, Feb 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-19 18:39:53-05

Three different systems in just four days brought more than nine inches of snow to Indianapolis. Those storms are long gone, but the snow they left behind is far from a memory.

Even with the snowpack and our stretch of frigid temperatures, daytime road temperatures are above freezing, but they drop well below 32 degrees at night. These readings will be important in how our next weather maker plays out this weekend.


Late Sunday and Sunday night, we're expecting a system to bring primarily rain to Central Indiana. This could create an icy layer on top of the snow we already have.


With surface temperatures likely to drop below freezing during the event, we may have more of a problem with the rain leading to ice on some roads and sidewalks in time for the Monday morning drive.


Some of the snow will melt with the warmer temperatures Sunday and the rain Sunday night. That combination will add to some pretty sloppy conditions. Fortunately, our recent snow was fluffy, and doesn't have as much water content to contribute when it melts.

While we aren't expecting a lot of rain Sunday night, it's important to clear your gutters and storm drains of snow now so the water has somewhere to go instead of piling up in the street or near your home.