Severe storms are possible in any season

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INDIANAPOLIS -- The cold temperatures may have you thinking about snow, but you need to be ready for storms too.

In fact, a tornado has been reported in Indiana in every month of the year.  In December of 2015, just days before Christmas, three EF-1 tornadoes hit the Greenwood, Noblesville and Williamstown areas.  The tornadoes packed winds around 100 mph.  

It’s a reminder severe weather can happen in the winter too.  That’s not to say we’ll have tornadoes this winter, but it’s a good idea to keep your severe weather safety plan fresh in your mind. 

Remember, if a tornado warning is issued, go to the lowest level, interior room of your home.  A bathroom or closet, if you don’t have a basement. 

You can also get both winter and severe storm alerts sent right to your phone through the Storm Shield App.