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NWS confirms 3 tornadoes touched down in Indiana during Saturday storms

Posted at 1:02 AM, May 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-23 01:02:54-04

SHELBY COUNTY — The National Weather Service has confirmed three different tornadoes touched down in Indiana during storms that swept through the area on Saturday.

Besides the three tornadoes, straight-line winds are believed to be responsible for damage in multiple other areas across the state and power outages that left at least 60,000 Hoosiers without power at the peak of the storms.

Brown County: EF0 Tornado

In Brown County, an EF0 tornado was confirmed to have touched down around 3:40 p.m. The brief tornado was believed to be on the ground for around 2 minutes, according to the NWS, and took out numerous trees in a dense wooded area.

Johnson County: EF0 Tornado

In Johnson County near Camp Atterbury an EF0 tornado with winds up to 84mph was briefly on the ground between around 3:48 p.m.

The tornado damaged a church, causing the steeple to topple over. According to the NWS, several vehicles were also lifted slightly with plywood debris from the roof of the church.

Besides the tornado damage, the NWS reports widespread damage across the area was caused by straight line winds of 80 to 90 miles per hour which uprooted multiple trees. Those winds were likely the cause of several other areas of significant damge Saturday, including the damaged sign at Edinburgh High School.

Shelby County: EF1 Tornado

Just minutes after the tornado was reported near Camp Atterbury, an EF1 tornado with maximum wind speeds up to 110 miles per hour touched down near St. Paul.

According to the NWS the St. Paul tornado went "skipping" along a wide path with the most damage being reported in the Mt. Auburn area where the damage path reached around 100 yards. Straight line winds of 80 to 90 miles per hour were also reported in the area and caused significant damage, according to the NWS.

The photo below was shared by the Whiteland Fire Department and shows a tree that fell across Interstate 65 on Saturday afternoon. No injuries were reported from the incident.