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Woman and grandson survive severe storm by hiding in bathroom

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Posted at 5:20 PM, Mar 15, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-15 17:29:35-04

SELMA — An intense line of storms, which included an EF-3 tornado, destroyed dozens of homes between Muncie and the Indiana-Ohio state line Thursday night.

One woman and her grandson barely made it through the devastation.

Cameron Sarah says his mother and son took shelter in the bathroom of their home between Muncie and Selma.

After the storm cleared, they realized the bathroom was the only room left in the home that still had a roof.

"They were pulling my son out of the bathroom, he sees me, and I told the firefighters, 'Get him out of here and get my mom out of here,'" Sarah said. "It was a giant relief to see them come out of the bathroom. It felt like a half hour but it was probably two minutes."

The storm leveled five homes on County Road 500 north of Route 32, including the home where Sarah's mother and son weathered the storm.

Sarah says his maternal grandmother, who lives next door to his mother, also lost part of her roof.

Sarah spent Friday sorting through the wreckage the storm left behind.

He remains grateful the winds only tore through the building and not through his family.

"My son didn't know what to expect, he walked out of the hallway and the front wall of the house is just gone," Sarah said. "He just sees me and says, 'Daddy,' and I say, 'It's okay, bud.'"