Periods of t'storms Sunday. Some could be severe.

Posted at 2:26 PM, May 25, 2024


  • Multiple waves of storms expected Sunday into Sunday night with some breaks
  • Severe storms and heavy rain are possible
  • Gusty winds are the main threat, but hail and tornadoes can't be ruled out

The thinking continues that much of Sunday morning should be dry. However, by late morning or very early afternoon, a line of storms is expected to enter western Indiana. There is a potential for these storms to be severe. Gusty winds will be the main threat. Some localized flooding will also be possible with heavy rain.
With many outdoor activities, it's also important to remember lightning makes any storm dangerous. This line of storms should clear the state by mid to late afternoon. Rain timing and amount of cloud cover makes the temperature forecast a challenge. Most areas should reach the middle to upper 70s for highs. It will also be breezy Sunday. SE winds of 10-15 mph could gust over 30 mph.


How the first round of storms plays out will have an impact on the second round. Right now, it looks like additional storms will develop and move into the western portion of the state after 7 or 8pm. This round may not clear central Indiana until the early morning hours of Memorial Day. Severe weather will again be possible. These storms will also bring a greater threat for heavy rain and flooding. Some areas could see more than 2" of rainfall by Monday morning.


Conditions improve somewhat for Memorial Day. We still have the chance for a few showers and storms, but the chance is only about 40%. Temperatures will top out in the middle 70s.

Indianapolis Weather Forecast:
Sunday: Mostly cloudy. Periods of storms. High: 78°
Memorial Day: 40% chance of storms. High: 74°
Tuesday: Mostly sunny. High: 75°

Indianapolis 7-Day Weather Forecast