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'People need to keep their dogs inside:' July 4th leads to many lost dogs

Posted at 11:01 AM, Jul 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-03 11:03:44-04

INDIANAPOLIS — The heat is going to dominate the holiday weekend this July 4th. With temperatures forecasted to be in the 90s through the 4th of July weekend, animal rescue groups are worried about the dangers of both fireworks and heat for your pets.

Independence Day celebrations usually lead to more lost pets than any other day of the year because so many are scared of fireworks. According to "Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside," a non-profit organization that focuses on improving the quality of life for outside dogs, fireworks are "torture" for pets kept outdoors.

"Chained dogs are frantic to run from the noise but are stuck in a chain. Dogs behind fences often jump or dig out of the fence to escape the noise," Darcie Kurtz, FIDO's executive director, said. "Many dogs become lost around the 4th due to fireworks. There is a stray influx into the shelters."

On top of fireworks, experts are also calling for pet owners to bring their outside dogs inside of the homes because of the predicted high temperatures.

Dogs in excessively high temps are at risk of heat exhaustion and death.

"People need to keep their dogs inside," Kurtz said, as Indianapolis heads into over 90-degree weather for the next several days.

In Marion County, it's illegal to leave your pet outside when the temperature reaches 90 degrees. Indianapolis ordinance requires dogs must be brought inside a temperature-controlled building between 40 and 80 degrees when the outside temperature exceeds 90.

Also, when the temperature is at or above 80°F, your dog's shelter must be shaded by either trees or a tarp.

Violators can face a $25 fine, but if it's an egregious violation, you could lose your ability to own dogs in Marion County.