Your guide to fall color in central Indiana

Posted at 5:23 PM, Sep 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-30 19:18:19-04

INDIANAPOLIS — The fall season is just getting started, but leaves are already getting into the spirit. Bright shades of yellow, orange and red are already taking over many of the green leaves in central Indiana.

While the exact timing may change, the leaves always put on a colorful show around this time of year. Our weather has a lot to do with those changes.

The shorter daylight hours and cooler temperatures lead to the breakdown of chlorophyll, which gives leaves their green appearance. The decrease in chlorophyll allows other compounds to take over.

Leaves that turn yellow in color contain xanthophyll, while carotene is responsible for shades of orange, and anthocyanins provide red hues.

Now you can really impress your friends with your colorful leaf knowledge, during your next hike!

The exact peak of fall color varies from year to year.

The website is forecasting a colorful peak by the middle of October across the northern third of the state, with the rest of Indiana to follow by late October.

With many leaves already starting to change, we may see the peak a little earlier than in recent years. Enjoy the colorful trees while you can!

We know the beauty quickly fades as we get closer to winter.