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You Can Win 2,000 Pounds Of Mac And Cheese From Boston Market

Posted at 10:30 AM, Aug 30, 2019

Do you love macaroni and cheese? How about 2,000 pounds of macaroni and cheese?

If the thought of an endless supply of cheesy pasta (that you don’t even have to make in your own kitchen!) is a dream come true, you might want to sign up for Boston Market’s new rewards program. Not only can you get other free food and discounts for signing up, but if you’re the first person to reach 10,000 points, a giant serving of mac and cheese — 1 ton, to be exact — is yours.

For your chance to win, just join the rewards program, either via Boston Market’s new app, their website or in a restaurant. You’ll earn one point for every $1 you spend, which can be redeemed for free food and other prizes like a free holiday meal for 12, or, the ultimate prize, 1 ton any of Boston Market’s side dishes, including the mac and cheese.


Since the giveaway is for any side dish, you could instead get 2,000 pounds of mashed potatoes or sweet corn, just to name a few choices. If you win, the prize can be claimed in a variety of ways, like a single serving once a day for months (or years), a giant bowl big enough to swim in, 1 ton at once or four 500-pound servings on different dates.

To be clear, you earn a point by spending a dollar … so you’d have to spend $10,000 at Boston Market to win this prize.

If you’re not interested in bringing that much food (at that cost!) home to your family, you can cash in your points whenever you want once you have 30 to snag some other deals. Point totals will get you anything from a free side or dessert to meals, whole rotisserie chickens and even up to $20 off your order. If you’re going for the 10,000 points, however, you’ll have to save them up, so no cashing them in early for free chicken.

“At Boston Market, we aren’t clucking around when it comes to loyalty,” Frances Allen, Boston Market chief executive officer said in a press release. “We’re committed to giving our guests the all-around best experience possible each and every time they dine with us, and that means creating and offering one of the most competitive, most rewarding loyalty programs that the industry has seen to-date.”

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The grand prize is out of reach for most of us, but Boston Market is offering a little bit of incentive just for signing up. Just for joining the Rotisserie Rewards program, you get a free fresh-baked cookie. It’s not a ton of mac and cheese, but it’s something!

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