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Victim’s families react to Muncie Mass shooting

The Muncie Police Department say at least 19 people were injured as a result of the mass shooting.
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Posted at 7:30 PM, Jul 31, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-21 17:17:51-04

MUNCIE-- For Ashley Erby, she will tell you that the past few days have been nothing short of a nightmare.

“We went to a block party, and it got shot up and everybody was running and we got trampled and she got hit by a car,” Erby said. Erby said her 26-year-old sister Shealyn Orr was one of 19 people injured in Sunday’s mass shooting. Erby says that she was dragged by a car as the shots rang out.

Shealyn Orr.jpg
Pictured is Shealyn Orr

“It’s heartbreaking, she is on a ventilator, her lung collapsed, she has broken pelvic bones, she has a wound down to leg that is down to the bone,” Erby said.

The Muncie Police Department says at least 18 people were shot.

Police say a large gathering of anywhere up to one thousand people was taking place in the area of South Hackley and Willard Street. 30-year-old Joseph Elliot Bonner the third died in the shooting.

Joseph Elliot Bonner.jpg
Pictured is 30-year-old Joseph Elliot Bonner.

“Please just turn yourself in, we just want justice. We know that you were probably scared with the gunshots but please just turn yourself in,” Erby added.

Gail Coates is also recovering from the mass shooting in Muncie. “They were standing by the DJ booth and a fight broke out and one of those guys pulled a gun,” Coates told WRTV on Monday.

Coates says that her two granddaughters Taz Isom and Jayla Thomas were shot. She says both were rushed to the hospital.

Jayla Thomas on the Left Taz Isom on the right.jpg
Pictured is Jayla Thomas on the left and Taz Isom on the right.

“I haven’t thought about it until not too long ago when an officer told me about an hour ago that my family had one third of the victims out there,” Coates added.

Both families say they just want their community to come together during this time of need.

“I don’t think there is that much going on where you have to take a life,” Coates concluded.

If you would like to help the Orr family they have created a GoFundMe.