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Cheapest turkey prices in Indianapolis

Posted at 10:58 AM, Nov 18, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- With Thanksgiving less than a week away, everybody is looking for the cheapest prices on turkeys.

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With the help of our Shopsmartsection, we've compiled the cheapest prices, per pound of turkeys in popular grocery stores around Indianapolis. Check the latest prices for Aldi, Kroger, Marsh, Meijer and Walmart.
If you're simply looking for the cheapest turkey, Marsh's $0.48 per pound can't be beat.

Aldi has frozen Butterball and fresh Honeysuckle White turkeys available for $0.99 per pound


Kroger has fresh Honeysuckle turkeys available for $1.49 per pound, or Kroger-brand turkeys for $0.79 per pound. Both of those offers are with a card.


Meijer's fresh turkeys are $1.49 per pound, and frozen ones are $0.59 per pound. Meijer also has a special promotion on their turkeys. Anybody who spends an additional $30 will get their turkey 50 percent off.


Marsh offers Norbest and Honeysuckle frozen turkeys for $0.48 per pound. The supermarket also offers frozen Butterball turkeys for $0.68 per pound, or fresh ones for $1.38 per pound.


Walmart offers frozen turkeys for $1.78 per pound. A brand wasn't listed.

If you'd rather skip the grocery store altogether this year, a Zionsville farm is selling fresh turkeys for Thanksgiving.