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'DanceWorks Indy' using dance to move for change

All classes will be donation-based and proceeds divided amongst different organizations working for change.
Posted at 10:39 AM, Jun 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-11 10:46:49-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Many people are responding to the Black Lives Matter movement in whatever way they can. One downtown Indianapolis community is learning, creating and building connections through dance.

'Danceworks Indy' is a dance and fitness studio for adults of all skill levels, and this weekend its making moves for change. The studio is offering seven hours of in-person and virtual dance classes in a wide range of styles and levels taught by artists of color in the Danceworks family.

"Dance is a way to communicate without words, sometimes moving is the best way to express what we are feeling and the best way to process what we are feeling, so we feel this is the best time to find new ways to express and process," Kerry Kapaku, the owner of Danceworks Indy, said.

"I feel like this kind of gives us a really nice platform to give a story of a story we have been trying to tell, "Alyjah Duff, a Danceworks dance instructor, said. "I think this class is going to give me the opportunity to enlighten a lot of people of the things that are going on and give the message that I can't normally tell on a normal heels class I would teach on a Thursday."

All classes will be donation-based, and the proceeds will be divided to help rebuild Michael's Soul Kitchen in downtown Indy after riot damage, the NAACP, Minnesota Youth Collective, Color of Change, and more.

Danceworks wants you to join them in this body movement to create a real shift towards justice in our community, starting Sunday. Those interested can register in the Mind-Body app.