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'The Bail Project' assists protesters and those in need

'The Bail Project' tent posted in downtown Indianapolis has been operated by volunteers 24/7.
Posted at 9:24 AM, Jun 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-11 09:24:37-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Protests in Indianapolis have drawn out several organizations looking to make a difference in our community at this time. One group, in particular, is helping people right when they are released from police custody.

'The Bail Project' tent posted in downtown Indianapolis has been operated by volunteers 24/7. The goal is to bring awareness to a program that is paying bail for those in need.

Since arriving in Indianapolis, The Bail Project has provided support for more than 500 people. The group helps with bail funds for those who qualify, and even text notifications about court dates. Since the protests began downtown, their role has been focused on food, water, and transportation for people coming out of the City-County Building.

"It was the perfect opportunity to provide that not only for people who are generally being released but especially for people who are being arrested for protesting and being released," April Angermeier, a training manager with The Bail Project, said. "A lot of people who are being arrested for protest-related charges are just being cited and released so they are being processed through and they are being released from the city-county building. So we kind of knew they would be coming out of the city-county building so we wanted to be here and give them help with getting home, give them food, water whatever they may need."

Volunteers have assisted around 20 people with protest-related charges since setting up their tent. They've also helped an additional 400 people simply stopping by in need of some kind of support.

"A lot of people just need food and water and need basic necessities. So we're serving everyone in need in addition to the people that are coming out," Angermeier said.

While the protests brought them out, organizers say they plan to be here for the next several weeks, at all hours of the day, helping anyone and everyone in need.

You can donate and learn more about The Bail Project here.