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City of Indianapolis passes $76M in COVID-19 relief

Posted at 12:54 PM, Jun 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-08 21:48:09-04

INDIANAPOLIS — The city of Indianapolis is planning to use more than $75 million in coronavirus relief money on health, social services and economic initiatives to help the city recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The plan, which calls for $76,071,363 to be allocated across city services, was announced in a press conference Monday morning. A proposal was passed in Monday night’s City-County Council meeting.

“In short, it is a comprehensive funding package that seeks to address these and many other needs facing our community as a whole,” Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett said.

The largest percentage of city’s relief funding plan calls for $20 million to be spent on increased contact tracing and testing in Marion County, which would be separate from the state’s contact tracing plan.

“This program will allow for us to be able to ramp up the health department’s capacity to do the in-person testing and reach our goal of 75% of the contacts [of a positive COVID-19 case],” Indianapolis Office of Public Health and Safety Director Paul Babcock said.

Another $15 million will be spent on rental assistance for Indianapolis residents who have been impacted by COVID-19. Last month, the city announced a face mask distribution initiative, to get masks to needy residents. The initiative will cost $3 million and be paid for by the relief money.

The current plan for the rent assistance is an online application process, with accommodations for people without internet access.

“Families that have been affected by COVID, who have experienced job loss or reduction in work hours, or increased expenses because they’ve had to pay medical bills because they’ve gotten sick with COVID will be eligible to apply for assistance back rent [to April 1] or forward rent for a total of 90 days,” said Indianapolis Deputy Mayor of Community Development Jeff Bennett. “Any resident in the community, regardless of status, can apply for assistance.”

Any Indianapolis residents seeking more information about the rent assistance programs should check the page, where more guidance will be posted.

The money was distributed to the city by the CARES Act, passed by Congress and signed into law in March. The city’s plan also calls for an additional $3.2 million in FEMA funding to be distributed in a few different ways.

Mayor Joe Hogsett also announced the Lilly Endowment is committing up to 10 million for COVID-19 relief.

The city has provided a full breakdown on the relief money, and where it will be distributed.

Coronavirus Relief Funding

Coronavirus Relief FundFEMA Funding
Public Health Investments
Contact Tracing and Testing$20,000,000
Purchase and Distribution of Cloth Face Masks$3,000,000
Face Covering Public Awareness Campaign (Partnership with Arts Council)$20,000
Social Service Investments
Rental Assistance$15,000,000
Meal Deliveries for Homeless Neighbors$49,725
Support to Food Agencies$1,826,000
Food Home Delivery project$450,000$750,000
Hotel Housing for Shelter Social Distancing$1,800,000
At-Risk Homeless Hotel Housing$398,275
Nonprofit PPE Grants$2,000,000
Economic and Small Business Recovery
Rapid Re-Employment Hub$1,050,000
Adult Basic Education$1,500,000
RESTART Grants$5,000,000
Music Cities Strategy Recovery Program$125,000
Street Modifications for Expanded Outdoor Seating$350,000
Participation in State Small Business Program$5,000,000
Technology and Government Expenses
Public Safety Overtime$3,200,000
Local Units Coronavirus Relief Allocations$2,000,000
Technology – Desktop Replacement$3,600,000
Technology – Remote Collaboration Tools$550,000
Cloud Hosted Phone System & Cloud Call Center Implementation$5,550,000
Technology – Modernize 311$536,363
Technology – Implement Grants Management Solution$350,000
Technology – Remote Court Solution$150,000
PPE for the Continuation of the Construction of the CJC$2,000,000
Reopening Local Government Offices$664,000$2,050,000
Court Streaming Solution$100,000
Ability to Collect Revenue Anywhere$250,000