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IU Health nurse's viral video diary shares heartbreaking moments

Posted at 12:14 PM, Dec 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-02 12:14:24-05

INDIANAPOLIS — An IU Health nurse's message has been heard far beyond central Indiana.

In a video diary shared with ABC News, she spoke about the heartbreaking moments that frontline workers have to face during this pandemic.

"When the news says we have reached a new death toll, I don't understand. But as a frontline health care worker, I can understand, and I can describe the sound the zipper on a body bag makes. I know the feeling of my hand on a chest and the feeling of two minutes of CPR before the next pulse check." - Brandie Kopsas-Kingsley.

The video diary has spread quickly across social media.

Kopsas-Kingsley spoke with WRTV about the message she hopes people are not ignoring and how serious the pandemic is in central Indiana.

"We are lucky here in Indianapolis that we have a lot of amazing hospital systems, but they are all under strain. And health care workers are putting in tons and tons of work hours, and I get it, emotionally everybody is bogged down, everybody is full of fear, anxiety, and stress," Kopsas-Kingsley said.

"But people are dying; people are sick. Not just from COVID. Suicide attempts, overdoses, cancer, cystic fibrosis, sickle cell, lupus, these are all patients that need our help, and we can't do it because people are choosing not to help us by social distancing and wearing a mask and washing their hands," she continued. "You literally have the ability to save a life, and that is on you. That is on you, and you make that decision for yourself and for those around you."

IU Health does have surge plans in place. But as you heard from this Indianapolis nurse, she wants everyone to do their part, so they or loved ones do not become the next statistic.

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