Indianapolis organization helping provide data on COVID-19 recovery

Posted at 7:30 PM, Apr 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-17 19:30:35-04

INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis organization is helping gather important data on COVID-19 to help officials make decisions as the state moves forward with reopening.

Regenstrief Institute recently launched an online dashboard with information on COVID-19 patient demographics for Indiana and the Indiana State Department of Health districts.

The dashboard also has data on the rate patients with COVID-19 are being hospitalized, going to emergency rooms, transfered to intensive care units, and the length of hospital stays, Dr. Peter Embí, president and CEO of Regenstrief Institute said.

"That is beginning to give us a better insight on recovery," Embí said. "I think it is going to help us understand as we continue to track the condition, what else do we need to be doing to respond more across the state."

Information on hospitalization and recovery rates will help officials as they continue responding to the pandemic in the future, Embí said.

People should still look at the official data from the state, but the data on the dashboard is helping supplement data from the state, Embí says.

"We are also seeing some figures that indicate that our health system is doing a good job of really taking excellent care of people and the vast majority of them are being cared for and recovering, even if they have to go to the hospital," Embí said.

Embí says this shows people who are feeling sick or are concerned can get healthcare and the capacity at the hospital is able to treat people.