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Hiring Hoosiers: High School students earn EMT certification

Classroom to Career
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Posted at 10:36 PM, Aug 20, 2019

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The Pike High School Career and STEM center offers many programs for students to get a head start in the field they're interested in.

One of those programs prepares students for their first job in the medical field.

At the Pike Career Center students are given the opportunity to graduate with an EMT certification and, thanks to a partnership with a local employer, those students can get a job right when they graduate.

Students can learn skills for any job in the medical field. The class allows them to learn about different body systems and treatments.

The class also offers field trips to a burn unit, an emergency room, and flight medicine. They get to see a vast number of things to see if it's really what they want to do for a career.

"You can come out of this class certified as an EMT and to be a paramedic you need the EMT class, and you can jump right into that position," an instructor told RTV6.

The career center partners with an employer to hire students right when they finish high school. The pay is about $35,000 a year, and the employer offers tuition reimbursement if the student plans to continue their education.