This year's ILEARN scores have been released and they're not very good

Indiana Senate approves bill making 'ILEARN' new state test
Posted at 10:03 AM, Sep 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-04 19:18:15-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Due to double-digit declines in both language arts and math, the Indiana Department of Education, Gov. Eric Holcomb, and top legislative leaders have called for school districts to be held harmless from the lower results.

The statewide results of the 2019 ILEARN assessment were released Wednesday, showing declines from the previous ISTEP+ test scores.

Statewide language arts scores dropped 16 points, while statewide math scores dropped 11 points.

To help “ease the transition” to ILEARN, Holcomb and others are requesting that Indiana schools not be held accountable for the scores, something the legislature would need to do early next year.

The ILEARN (Indiana Learning Evaluation Assessment Readiness Network) assesses Indiana students in their proficiencies in the following:

  • English/Language Arts (ELA) (Grades 3-8)
  • Mathematics (Grades 3-8)
  • Science (Grades 4 and 6)
  • Social Studies (Grade 5)
  • Biology (High School)
  • U.S. Government – Optional (High School)

IDOE officials expected a decline from the previous year’s scores, but not to this degree, according to a release. The lower scores were a result of the college-and-career readiness (CCR) assessment, national data and performance cuts, according to the IDOE.

In 2016, Indiana schools were held harmless from low ISTEP+ scores, thanks to action by the legislature.

The declines at that time were 13 points for Language Arts and 22 points for Math.

“We are still recovering from those declines,” Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Jennifer McCormick said.

If the districts aren’t held harmless, lower scores would mean worse teacher evaluations across the state, among other consequences.

“If they don’t give us that relief, it will impact teacher evaluations, it will impact the trajectory for interventions, it will impact title moneys,” McCormick said last week. “There are a lot of things on the line that are big domino effects if we are not provided hold harmless. I’m hopeful we will be provided that. I don’t want to speak for those who will ultimately make that decision and vote on that. From all signals we’ve seen so far, it looks promising. If we don’t get this through, it will be devastating for many of our schools.”

The ILEARN grades on four steps, instead of the three-step ISTEP+ system (Did Not Pass, Pass and Pass+). ILEARN uses Below Proficiency, Approaching Proficiency, At Proficiency and Above Proficiency.

Statewide, 47.9% of Indiana students between grades 3-8 were proficient in language arts. In math, 47.8% of students were proficient.

Click here for school-by-school results.

Here are the results from a few central Indiana districts:

Avon Community School Corporation

  • Language arts: 59% proficient
  • Math: 62.4% proficient

Carmel Clay Schools

  • Language arts: 75.9%
  • Math: 76.2%

Franklin Community School Corporation

  • Language arts: 52%
  • Math: 50.7%

Greenwood Community School Corporation

  • Language arts: 59.2%
  • Math: 56.6%

Hamilton Southeastern Schools

  • Language arts: 64.3%
  • Math: 69.2%


  • Language arts: 22%
  • Math: 21.2%

Pike Township

  • Language arts: 33.5%
  • Math: 30.1%

Noblesville Schools

  • Language arts: 62.6%
  • Math: 64.8%

Washington Township

  • Language arts: 45%
  • Math: 42.5%

Wayne Township

  • Language arts: 33.3%
  • Math: 33.1%