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Warren Central parents, students concerned about safety after alleged attack on student

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Posted at 9:58 AM, Sep 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-19 09:58:56-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Students and parents are upset and concerned after a Warren Central Student says she was badly beaten by her classmates.

At least one mother says she feels safety is not a priority at the school, even after the principal notified parents about what happened.

It has that mother considering removing her child from the district.

Several parents who spoke to WRTV say they feel it's just too unsafe inside the school, adding safety needs to be addressed.

"I think we are going to pull her out of Warren because there is always something going on. There are guns on the property, there are fights. It seems like there are too many people for the staff," said a mother who asked not to be identified out of fear of retaliation.

This comes after 17-year-old Niyah Dixon says she was chased by two boys out of her classroom and into a bathroom where she was attacked and beaten unconscious.

Dixon was released from the hospital on Friday evening. She is now recovering from multiple injuries, including a broken neck and torn ligaments.

"That child should never have to have been in fear of her life," the mother said.

A police report was filed and at least one of the boys was arrested.

The family of Dixon says 911 was never called.

The mother who spoke to WRTV on Friday said she first heard about the incident from her own daughter and was just notified Friday of the incident.

She said she has questions. "I want to know how. Because if that happened at my house, I am going to be in trouble, because how did someone not stop that?" she said.

Taylor weather, a senior at Warren Central, said safety isn't a priority at the school.

"It is really scary to know that there is not a lot of security and to know that that could possibly happen to me," Weather said.

"I feel that they are more focused on people skilling and attendance. So they aren't really looking at other things that are going on," Weathers said.

Freshman Dante Henderson agreed, saying the school is "Worried about you getting to class more than if you are okay or not."

"They're more worried about their reputation than their students," a mother said. "I will pull my kid out and I hope other parents feel the same way. Until they put safety first. Education is very important but when you can't go to school and get an education because you fear for our safety than it's not okay. I am not going to allow me to be one of those parents because you're not going to say it won't happen to you because I am sure they didn't think it would happen to them either."

The district said student and staff safety is their highest priority and sent a statement:

"The daily safety of our Warren Central High School students and staff has been and will continue to be our highest priority. The intentional, targeted and criminal actions of the individual that took place on Tuesday, September 13 are intolerable for our school and for our society. We will continue to work with law enforcement and provide support to the injured student and her family, while respecting their privacy."
Dennis Jarrett, Warren Township Communications Director

Officials wouldn't not answer specific questions about Tuesday's attack, including why 911 was never celled. They cite privacy of students involved.

They also denied WRTV's request for an interview with the superintendent of the school in a statement:

"As a district we will not be adding any additional statement beyond what we submitted earlier today."

Dennis Jarrett, Warren Township Communications Director