Supporters form "Trump Train" parade

Posted at 9:34 PM, Oct 18, 2020

INDIANAPOLIS — It was a different kind of protest, this one on Interstate 465 as a parade of cars supporting President Donald Trump.

Melissa Mroz organized the event on Sunday called the Indy Trump Train. About 100 people came out in their cars to show their support of the president in the upcoming election.

Mroz said she is a registered Democrat and her business got shut down due to the COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns. She said that urged her to do something about it.

Drivers were encouraged to decorate their rides to show their pride in hopes to make people see that there are many others backing President Trump.

"We have to be visual in order to make a change, so people can at least question why so many people are out here supporting supposedly somebody who is a racist. He is not a racist," Mroz said. "So that is why it needs to be visual. if there are haters out there, let them hate. They have that right to do so just like we have the right to do this."

They started at the Kohl's on 96th Street and drove around I-465.

Mroz said they got a mix of reactions from other drivers on the road but for the most part she said it was positive.

Drivers participating were instructed to be courteous to others, to follow the rules of the road and to not interrupt traffic.