What to do if it's you? Some voters still waiting on absentee ballots

Clerk encouraging people to request replacements
Voting 10.22
Posted at 6:28 PM, Oct 22, 2020

INDIANAPOLIS — Time is running out if you plan to vote by mail in Marion County.

The Marion County Clerk’s Office told WRTV they are already seeing a record number of absentee ballots come in, but some people say they’re still waiting to receive theirs.

We first told you about this issue on Wednesday, since then we’ve heard from even more voters still waiting on their ballots.

“My question is this, what happened to my ballot?” said voter Theresa Setka. She tells WRTV she and her son applied for absentee ballots. Her son received his, but she never got hers. She says according to the online portal, her ballot was mailed out on September 19th. Now, more than a month later she still doesn’t have it.

“There were ballots that were mailed out around that September 19 date that have not made their way to voters or have recently made their way to them,” said Russell Hollis, Deputy Director with the Marion County Clerk’s Office.

He says they are working to figure out what happened, but voters in this situation should fill out this ABS-5 form to request a replacement ballot.

One voter we spoke with is currently working in Canada, he hasn’t received his ballot either.

"I want to be able to vote. I feel like it's my duty. Not everyone can vote and those who can should, but it's frustrating in that aspect, especially being out of the country now.”

He says voting in person isn’t an option for him.

Steka says she ended up going downtown to vote early.

"If my ballot didn't get here once, there's a likelihood it may not get here a second time,” she said. “This is the biggest election of my life and I'm serious about it and I hope other people are too."

We are still working to figure out what might have happened to that batch of ballots mailed out late September. We’ve also reached out to the United States Postal Service for information. We will let you know when we learn more.