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Expert provides resources for renters as prices rise

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Posted at 6:33 PM, Nov 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-29 18:34:04-05

INDIANAPOLIS — The pandemic has affected many things, including the housing market.

Experts have said rental prices are higher than previously seen and options are limited.

If you find yourself in a situation where a landlord is increasing the rent and you aren't able to afford it, Brandon Beeler, the Housing Law Center Director for Indiana Legal Services says first know you aren't alone.

"It is just really sad to see how little affordable housing options are out there for our tenants. We are in a different circumstance now than we were ever before, and especially right now renters are still reeling from the affects from the COVID pandemic,” said Beeler.

Beeler adds many of those circumstances are putting renters in a bind.

Tracy Hale of Indianapolis was in a rental agreement for a two year lease and told her landlord she wanted to stay longer. Her landlord raised the rent by $500, sending Hale into a panic.

"They were very adamant about you've gotta find a place and we're raising the rent," Hale said. "With my health condition, it really put me under."

Hale is on a fixed income as she battles lung cancer and is on disability. That limits how much she can spend on monthly rent.

"I spent at least two months out on the street looking for a place, just calling people and going out and looking," Hale said.

Beeler says he's seen an influx in tenants not being able to afford rental prices with many not being able to find anything.

"We are seeing some rent increases going up to 200% higher than what the general rent term was," Beeler said. "Renters in Indiana do have some protections and may be entitled to some protections through their leases or through state law that can prevent certain types of unilateral rent increases.”

Indiana Legal Services provided this list of resources for renters: