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ISP Trooper, family help stranded driver

Posted at 12:36 PM, Nov 25, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- An Indiana State Police trooper went above and beyond the call Wednesday, helping to get a stranded driver back home to Louisiana.

Wednesday evening, Trooper Dan Criswell and his trainee, TY Mays, were dispatched to check on a stopped vehicle on I-70, near the Indianapolis airport.

They met Daniel Breaux, 59, of Church Point, Louisiana. Breaux had traveled to Indianapolis to help a family member move, and was on his way back home when his van stopped.

Criswell and Mays helped the man move his van to the side of the road, then starting chatting with him.

Breaux only had $100 on him, just enough for gas money to get back home. Criswell offered to help him someway, but Breaux declined, saying he was going to call friends for help.

The troopers left, but came back with a warm meal, and offered to give him a ride, which Breaux again declined.

Criswell, now off-duty, decided to drive back to the spot Thanksgiving morning, to see if Breaux was still there. He was asleep in his van.

Criswell was determined to help. He called many towing companies in the area, all of which would be more than the $100 Breaux had on him. Criswell called D&D Auto and Towing, from Clayton, Indiana. D&D Auto and Towing offered to tow the van free of charge.

They towed the van to Criswell's house, where his brother, Kyle, is a mechanic. Kyle started working on the van, and learned the problem was more than previously thought.

Dan Criswell and Kyle began talking about what to do when their brother, Dustin, arrived to the house to help. Dustin happened to own an old pick-up truck that he didn't use, and offered it to Breaux to drive back to Louisiana. The brothers worked on the pickup, making sure it was working enough to drive that distance,

The Criswell brothers also invited Breaux to their parents' house for Thanksgiving, and took up a collection to make sure he had enough money to get home.