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Separated by hurricanes, couple has emotional reunion in Indy

Posted at 9:32 AM, Oct 26, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS -- After multiple hurricanes forced a man and woman from the U.S. Virgin Islands to be separated from each other, they were reunited in Indianapolis Wednesday night. 

Jason and Loriann Williams are both chiropractors in the US Virgin Islands. Jason has his own practice. But when the hurricanes hit - Loriann knew she had to get out, so she could continue her education credits to get her license and eventually practice down south.

Five weeks later, they finally found each other in the Indianapolis International Airport.

Jason has about a week to spend with his wife until he has to return to his practice in the U.S. Virgin Islands -- to Loriann's disappointment.

"If she lets me leave," Jason said. "My alarm might not be set the next morning."

For the past five weeks, Jason has been volunteering on the island, taking a portable table to treat patients and first responders who have injuries from the hurricane relief and cleanup.

Most of the island still does not have electricity or running water, he said. That makes washing hands, cooking, doing dishes, bathing or doing laundry virtually impossible.

Both hospitals on St. Croix and St. Thomas sustained serious damage, and many patients had to be transported to the mainland.

Public schools went back in session just this week, but most of the public schools on St. Croix have been condemned, so they have to do split sessions with operational schools. 

Many of the cell towers were also knocked down by the hurricane, so it's been difficult for Jason and Loriann to communicate. 

Watch Jason and Loriann's reunion in the video player above. 

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