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Construction program at Anderson Career Center prepares students for careers

Classroom to Career
Posted at 8:03 AM, Aug 21, 2019

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ANDERSON — Students in Anderson are getting first-hand training on how to be successful in a field in need of fresh talent.

The program at the Anderson Career Center teaches students the basics of construction that they will need to work on a job site.

The program attracts students who work best with hands on learning.

Instructor Jamar Brown works hard to make the program feel realistic, so students get the training in a work atmosphere along with the skills.

"Just like when you go out on a job, you go there everyday, you work as hard as you can, you get paid on Friday," Brown said. "I try to make it just like that in here."

Students learn to work equipment like tape measures, saws and drills along with leadership skills, speed, craftmanship and pride in work.

Some students in the program even put their skills to the test, coming to classes for part of the day and spending the rest of it at a job site.

Along with the house they build during the school year, the program also has community partnerships that allow students to work on projects outside the classroom to better build on their skills.

Students can earn college credits and receive certifications while taking part in these projects and classes.