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Perry Meridian students get head start in life with the chance to start college in high school

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Posted at 8:32 AM, Aug 26, 2019

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INDIANAPOLIS — An intense program at Perry Meridian High School is helping students get a head-start on their future and prepare them for the rigor of college courses, all while saving them a lot of money in the future.

There are two different programs students can take, one gives them some college credits while another allows them to graduate from high school having already earned an associates degree.

This means students who move on to get their bachelor's degree already have all of their general education classes completed, at a much more affordable price.

Around 400 students are part of the early college program this year at Perry Meridian, but the pathways offered aren't a cake walk.

Those enrolled in the program take five college courses during their junior year that are writing and speaking intensive — which adds a lot of stress on a high school student.

But grads who have gone through the program, like Madison Sego, say it's well worth the stress and time it takes to complete.

"I did save a lot of money on the way so I can start my career earlier, buy a house earlier, start my life earlier and not have a ton of debt on me," Sego said.

Sego, who started at IUPUI this fall, said students were stressing about the general education classes during orientation and she feels lucky that she doesn't have to worry about them and can jump right into her major.

Along with the head start on her education, she says the program also saved her and her parents about $20,000.