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Students learn dental basics at Anderson Career Center

Classroom to Career
Posted at 1:28 PM, Aug 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-29 13:28:44-04

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ANDERSON — Students looking to get into the dental field can get their training early while they are still in high school.

Anderson Career Center offers a program that allows students to broaden their base knowledge of dentistry and leave the program with a certification and job prospects. The program prepares students to become dental assistants right out of high school.

"I've learned the numbers of the teeth, I've learned the surfaces, the pits of the teeth," Sydnie Spaeth, a senior, said.

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By completing the program, students can get hired as dental assistants. Some end up being doctors, hygienists, but assistants are the main focus of the program.

Spaeth wants to be a dental hygienist. The program gives her a base knowledge that she'll take to college to continue her education.

"They're learning dental equipment, dental vocabulary, and then also we have the seat work as well," Wendy Bailey, dental careers instructor, said.

Many students are in the program for one year, which allows them to learn the basics. Those that are in the program for their junior and senior year can do an externship and earn a national certification that makes them more easily employable in a dental office after high school.

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