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Hiring Hoosiers: IU Health ramps up hiring search for open positions

Posted at 10:00 PM, Apr 14, 2020
and last updated 2021-09-30 07:33:02-04

INDIANAPOLIS — As COVID-19 has changed a lot of business and lost people a lot of jobs, IU Health is ramping the job search up to fill positions across the board to cover the healthcare needs in central Indiana.

Amelia Roberts started her new job as a revenue cycle services quality expert at IU Health in the middle of March. This is right when the state of Indiana was ordered to stay at home.

"My new onboarding was virtual and the engagement was really strong despite it being virtual," Roberts said.

Roberts had to quickly adapt to the ever-changing needs in this pandemic.

"It was a 101 crash course on how to do this command center and to put my normal duties on the side for now to jump in and learn all that I needed to know technology-wise so that I could start in the command center right away," Roberts said.

With hospitals in high gear to combat the virus, Tanya Hahn, the vice president of IU Health's Talent Acquisition, is actively looking to hire people across the board from nurses and respiratory therapists, to patient transporters and lab techs.

"We also have need a lot of roles that don't require any previous experience and would probably be good for people who have been displaced from their former jobs," Hahn said. "And those would include things like patient care assistance, house keepers, food service ambassadors, registration specialists and a whole host of other jobs."

Plenty of Hoosiers are in need of a job and IU Health is in need of a strong staff amid the pandemic, allowing new employees to get right to work.

"We are doing a lot of things to try to expedite the hiring process right now as we realize a lot of people want to start as quickly as they can," Hahn said.

Plus, outside of the job with IU Health, there are opportunities employees can pursue as pathways to a long-term career.

"There are a lot of roles that you can step into like the ones that don't require any previous experience," Hahn said. "Once you are working in the system, there are some opportunities to take advantage of tuition reimbursement and other programs so that you can pursue educational degrees or certain education programs that would be a pathway to roles that do require that kind of clinical experience."

IU Health is looking for people who want to serve others and have an impact on our community and
patients at the hospital.

Check out all the jobs available with IU Health here:

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