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Hiring Hoosiers: Increasing need for at-home senior care in Indiana

120 caregiver positions open in central Indiana.
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Posted at 5:45 PM, Feb 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-04 17:58:19-05

INDIANAPOLIS — A local home health senior care company is hiring as they see an increased demand for home care during the pandemic.

Brenda Steckler has worked as an at-home caregiver with Home Instead Senior Care for eight years. She says the job has been a blessing as she’s gotten to know her clients.

Right now she works with 97-year-old Jessica Welch. Steckler spends around 35 hours a week with Welch.

“I work in the home, just helping her with day to day activities whatever she needs help with," Steckler said. "This is so she can stay in the home longer she feels more comfortable in the home."

More families are choosing home care for their senior loved ones amid the pandemic. Jeff Sewell, owner of two local Home Instead Senior Care offices says they expect the growth to continue,

“What we’ve seen during COVID-19 is a lot of individuals are wanting to stay sheltered in-home," Sewell said. "So we need more caregivers to come in and provide care for them.”

Welch’s family said having a caregiver like Steckler has given them peace of mind.

“Brenda is an absolute gift," said Barbara Mclin, Welch’s daughter. "It’s very good for us to not have to worry. Home Instead, they’ve really provided us the reassurance that I need and that she needs.”

Along with daily tasks, helping with meals, bathing, and cleaning, Steckler also provides companionship for Welch.

A former second-grade teacher and college professor, Welch still enjoys learning. Steckler reads to her from the paper every day.

“Anything that I want to read she’ll read,” Welch said.

The bond between Steckler and Welch is more than just caregiver and client, after two years of working together they consider one another family.

"You spend so many hours every day with them and they become like family,” said Steckler.

The job, more fulfilling than Stickler could’ve ever imagined. She fell into this line of work after years as a stay at home mom.

“I just kind of stumbled into this field I didn’t even know there was such a thing as caregivers and I was just hooked right away,” Steckler said.

Time commitments for caregivers vary. Some families only need assistance for a few hours a week where others need 24/7 help. Sewell says the positions have flexible hours and they work to match clients and caregivers whose schedules best match.

“The skillset that’s needed is compassion, the ability to manage time, be there, and provide some companionship,” Sewell said.

For a full list of open positions with Home Instead and how to apply click here.

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