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Hiring Hoosiers: Indianapolis-based freight logistics company picks up speed during pandemic

Spot thrives as it keeps up with demand and looks to hire
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Posted at 8:15 AM, Sep 20, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-21 17:50:57-04

INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis-based freight logistics company, Spot, is thriving as it keeps up with the demand from the Crossroads of America.

“We are a logistics company, we have a tech company, so we are in charge of moving product all over North America and really all over the world, through various shippers and work with different trucking companies,” said Andrew Elsener, Spot’s co-founder.

This is an industry that has picked up speed through the pandemic.

“COVID changed everything in our industry, so supply chains ran out of product within 10 days,” Elsener said. “The whole food supply chain had changed. Moving to remote work was another challenge for us but shippers in the United States had to change consumers demand in the supply chain, so our world was changed very quickly but it also forced growth and a lot of change that will be permanent in our industry.”

Elsener said Spot went on a hiring spree during the pandemic. The company took on more account managers, customer service representatives and they added more tech positions on the front and back ends of development. Spot also has a logistics team that works around the clock, 24 hours a day.

“You are not a number, you are part of a fabric of something that is changing and growing,” Elsener said. “It is really an entrepreneurial feel and it has been cool to watch people come in here and go from starting in a position and growing to be a leadership person or a VP and to me that really excites me.”

The company has seen so much growth that they started with a payroll of two people and have grown to 350 just in the last decade. Now, the company needs more space downtown to bring on another 200 Hoosiers they need to hire right now.

“I started in sales about seven and a half years ago, did that for a period of three to four years, built up a team and then eventually I moved over to run our training and development department,” said Spot’s director of operations, Kreg Hunter.

Hunter is a Lebanon native and Ball State graduate.

“The culture of the company [is] if you work hard, if you want to take on more responsibility, if you want to raise your hand and help with that, that is always an option, you can grow with that. That will continue to happen as we expand in Indianapolis,” Hunter said.

Spot is projecting a workforce of 700 in the next couple of years. Current employees are the driving force behind that growth.

“People should work at Spot because we are always growing,” Elsener said. “It is a very dynamic business, every day there is something different so in terms of what you see day to day, there is not a lot of monotony. Plus, we are a company that is addicted to growth because we are always changing.”

Spot is looking to move into another 50,000 square foot space downtown as they hire more people on their team. They also have a location in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The company boasts great benefits, a flexible work environment and opportunities for continued growth.

The majority of the roles they are hiring for are sales and customer service focuses, as well as tech developers.

Check out careers at Spot here.

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