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Hiring Hoosiers: Indianapolis company hiring home health aides

Helping others is a calling
Posted at 6:00 AM, Apr 17, 2020
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INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis company is looking for home health aides, HHAs. It is a job where no training is necessary to apply and the schedule is up to you.

For the past year, Sarah Batta has been working as a HHA at Vertical Home Health, all while studying to become a nurse.

"That is what brought me to this field because I wanted to get a little more experience and home health aid essentially is doing all those patient needs when they are not able to take care of themselves," Batta said.

Batta was not trained as a HHA before applying, but Vertical Home Health took care of that once she was hired.

"The training is about eight hours long, they train you to do everything that you need to be able to do," Batta said. "Everything that you do on a daily basis is something that I have to help them do. If that is helping them clean up, helping them take a shower or bath, helping them move around. My job is not necessarily to do it for them, my job is to help them do it themselves as much as they possibly can."

Vertical Home Health is a Medicaid home health company servicing the elderly and people with disabilites in the Indianapolis-area.

"Dressing, grooming, bathing assistance," said Adriana Speed, the human resources manager at Vertical Home Health. "So, just really really trying to serve the needs of the client, and also some transportation."

Speed says she needs people to fill shifts as HHAs throughout the day.

"If you are not working right now and you are needing a job, I think this is a obviously a good place to come," Speed said. "And we do the training. And a good thing about the availability is you could tell us the hours that you are open. So maybe you have a job but you need a second job but you love working with people, that could help too, so we have clients that service your different availability needs. So you know if you are full time that is great, part time we are looking for that too, it doesn't matter the hours."

Flexibility is great for Batta's schedule, but she says the job also brings her some self-fulfillment too.

"Every shift that you take you are making a difference in someone's life because you are helping them do things that they can't do," Batta said. "So to be able to be there and to help alleviate any kind of extra burden, it means a lot and I get an immense reward just from that. It's a job that can be an official position, you know it can be your full-time gig, and many people do that, you can do it short term, you can do it long term. I think at the end of this, you know once I have a nursing degree, I think this is something that I will want to continue on the side. Just because of how valuable it really is."

All HHA's at Vertical Home Health are supplied with appropriate personal protective equipment when servicing clients.

To apply, applicants must be 18 years or older and pass a background check. Pay starts at $10.50 per hour.

You can apply here or call 317-672-4242.

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