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Hiring Hoosiers: IU Health looking to hire health care recruiters

Posted at 6:00 AM, Feb 27, 2020
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INDIANAPOLIS — With the ongoing demand for physicians, surgeons, and nurses in Indiana, there comes a new push to hire more people to recruit health care workers.

IU Health is seeking and interviewing candidates to expand its Talent Acquisition team, which focuses on staffing hospitals and clinics in its network.

The team recruits and screens prospective candidates for all levels of personnel at IU Health, from entry level support staff, to skilled nurses, physicians, and even executives.

When Nikki Beeman came to IU Health, she was really looking to grow in her nursing career. She believed she would spend her career offering bedside care for patients.

A nudge from a colleague and friend steered her in another direction, after several years working at IU Health as a nurse.

Beeman has learned there are other ways she can use her expertise as a nurse to care for patients.

"Although I'm not in direct patient care, I still get to bring in that nursing talent that does touch our patients," Beeman said. "That does make a difference in our organization, and so, that's very important to me."

Beeman has spent the last three years helping to fill the gap when it comes to the nursing shortage in our area.

She is a Senior Acquisition Talent Consultant, part of a team of 50 at IU Health, tasked with interviewing candidates, reviewing applications, and providing input and information to hiring managers.

Going out into various communities across Indiana and actively recruiting is part of the job, too.

"Nursing schools all around the state is a lot of our focus," Beeman said. "We also do target experiences nurses on platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed, because we do value experience as well."

The talent acquisition team needs its own new-hires too, since at any given time, there are roughly 2,000 openings at IU Health.

Tanya Hahn, the vice president of talent acquisition, runs the department.

Hahn tells RTV6 she needs people who can be organized, comfortable with a fast pace, and able to juggle a full plate of assignments.

"First and foremost, it needs to be someone who loves people," Hahn said. "Because so much of the job is interacting with candidates, with their peers or the hiring leaders that we support."

Hahn says many of the people who make up her talent acquisition and recruiting team come from a diverse range of professional backgrounds.

"We have people from the hospitality industry," Hahn said. "We have people who actually started out in health care clinical roles and decided to make a move into this back-office function."

These open positions may be ideal for people looking to make a career switch or for those who would enjoy some flexibility to work from home several days a week.

Most of the positions require a college degree, but some do not.

It's a chance to be part of a team that is giving hospital new-hires a chance to excel in patient care.

"It's different every day," Beeman said. "That's what I really love about my job."

To learn more about IU Health Talent Acquisition openings, you can click here.

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