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Barbershop that served community for decades to transform into community space in Haughville

In honor of the late Douglas Tate, a beloved barber who gave more than haircuts
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Posted at 11:07 PM, Mar 11, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-12 13:16:56-04

HAUGHVILLE — The walls are down, but the mission to serve on the west side stands.

A family plans to breathe new life into the space Tate's barbershop has occupied for more than 60 years.

On this day at the corner of 10th and Tremont in Haughville memories were shared.

Tears of joy were shed remembering the times and conversations had inside the building, and also tears of sadness. Some missing the late barber, Douglas Tate.

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"Going down with the old and coming up with the new," Douglas Tate Jr. said.

The since dilapidated Tate's barbershop filled this community with more than haircuts for generations.

"I am so glad that I am alive to witness this," Virginia Tate said.

Virginia is the widow of Tate, and the proud mother to four children.

She and her late husband raised all four kids at the home attached to the barbershop.

"I remember I would send my son to the Long's just down the street and then meet us at the shop. The two staples of Haughville," Virginia said.

Douglas Tate passed away in April of 2023 but he has been remembered as a servant to Haughville.

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He provided life lessons, advice, grace, and kindness.

"I had so many kids he would give me a break on the prices and stuff," one customer reflected.

Each person who stopped by to watch the demolition had a story of their own, about how Tate took a chance on them.

"When I first started as a barber here, I was scared to death. Straight out of barber school didn't know what I was doing," a former colleague said.

But the thing is, the stories WRTV's Kaitlyn Kendall heard were all personal.

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Tears swelled in loved ones eyes. It's clear family didn't mean blood to Tate.

His community was his family and he worked tirelessly to make sure the people in Haughville had a man to count on.

"He was a loving man and taught us about christian living and community support," Tate's daughter Tracy said.

His four kids reflected on his sternness, and his ability to say what he meant but also let you know you were loved.

They each had a story about how passionate he was about right and wrong, and teaching that to anyone that would listen.

"Dad saw the need for services in the Haughville community. A lot of times our intercity communities are overlooked and left out when it comes to economic development and social benefits," Tate Jr. said.

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It's Tate's legacy of giving back that will be continued on the very land he served for decades.

The new space will be called "Tate's Place Indy."

It will offer a variety of services to the community; from food, wellness, even tutoring.

"I think he would be proud," Tate's widow said.

The new space will also be home to "Three T Cafe," named after the three T's at the space: 10th street, Treamont Street, and Tate.

It will work to serve the community with cafe food items and employ high school aged kids to provide them a space to earn money and be taught life skills.

Tate's family is still working to secure the funding for construction.

They hope to break ground sometime later this year.

To learn more contact Tate Jr. at or 317-402-6497.