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Beech Grove woman loses home to fire but is staying hopeful

Elizabeth Wrege is receiving help from community members as her insurance doesn't cover a full rebuild of her house.
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Posted at 6:49 PM, Feb 29, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-01 10:07:19-05

INDIANAPOLIS — In December 2022, Elizabeth Wrege surprised her two children with a newly purchased home.

“It was a very beautiful home,” said Wrege. “Being able to provide a space for the time that my children were going through school.”

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Wrege looks at possessions saved from the flames

Last Friday morning, Wrege awoke to smashing glass. She thought someone was breaking in her home.

She left her bedroom to see a wall of flames.

“By the time I turned around, the home was filled with black smoke, and I couldn’t go back in," she said.

Wrege says seeing her home in the state it's in now is heartbreaking.


“All of the the work, love and care that I put into making it a peaceful, loving, nurturing home for myself, my children and my cat. It's just completely unlivable," said Wrege.

Her insurance policy will cover the demolition of her home and the remainder of her mortgage payment, but the rebuild of her home will be her responsibility.

“The cost of rebuilding then will have to be a new mortgage,” shared Wrege.


Wrege says she wished that her insurance policy would’ve covered more but admitted that she did not fully understand her policy.

“Did I read the policy? No,” said Wrege. “I had no idea what I'm even covered for.”

Justin Honey founded Absolute Integrity Insurance back in 2005. He encouraged insurance holders to go over their policy with their agent every few years.

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Wrege's house burst into flames last Friday morning.

“It's important to make sure you have coverage limits that match the rebuild of a home and not just what it would sell for on the market,” shared Honey. “It doesn't take that much — reviewing things every two, three years. Check in with your agent, check in on coverages. Advise the agent if you have an update.”

Wrege has lost her house, but her spirit remains intact.

“When I would leave everyday for work, I would look over at my home, wave at my house and say I love you,” ssaid Wrege. “Now when I leave here, I say I still love you.”